Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

2018-2019 Annual Assessment Reporting Requirements

Academic Units

All degree programs must enter the following into Tk20 by June 30, 2019:

  • Fill out the Measures, Findings and Improvement Plans* for the student learning outcome (SLO) assessed in 2018-2019.
  • Fill out Improvements Made* to report on steps taken from previous assessment cycles to improve student learning.
  • Update the mission statement, SLOs and curriculum map, if necessary.
  • New degree programs need to have a mission statement, curriculum map, and student learning outcomes.


*In keeping with best practices and updated SACSCOC standards, we have changed the name of the Actions tab to Improvement Plans/Actions. When reporting this year, programs will need to detail how they will use their outcome assessments to improve student learning. (In order to keep the actions data from previous cycles easily accessible, we combined the two in one tab. All data in this tab starting in AY 2018-19 will be improvement plans, while all preceding cycles will be actions.)

Also new for AY 2018-19 is the Improvements Made tab. It is essential for programs to not only plan for improvements, but also to document what steps have been taken since the previous assessment cycle to implement the improvements (e.g., assessment plans, processes, instruments, assignments, faculty training, curriculum).


Stand-alone and Gainful Employment Certificate Programs

  • Programs must complete full assessment reports in the 2018-19 cycle.
  • Fill out the Measures, Findings and Improvement Plans* for all student learning and program outcomes.
  • Update the mission statement and outcomes, if necessary.
  • New stand-alone certificate programs should have a mission and at least one student learning outcome and one program outcome

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Administrative Units

All identified administrative offices and all Colleges/Schools must enter the following into Tk20 by August 15, 2019:

  • Fill out the unit’s mission statement.
  • Add unit goals and objectives.
  • Fill out Methods & Measures, Results & Analysis, and Improvement Plans for the objective assessed in 2018-19.