Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning



  • Who do I contact if I haven’t I received my course evaluation packet?

    Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at 703.993.8834

  • How do I get access to Tk20?

    Have your department or unit send a request to

  • Can I still access the assessment data in MATS?

    Yes. Contact the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at 703.993.8834 for a PDF archive of your assessment data.

  • Do I need permission from my students to submit their work for assessment?

    Student work may be used for institutional assessment purposes without student permission. Consent is only needed when using student data or work products in a generalizable way, such as in professional presentations or publications–in which case, IRB approval is required. The policy on using student work in assessment is posted in Mason’s University Catalog, under Student Rights and Responsibilities.


    I’m graduating this semester. Is the student exit survey mandatory?

      No. However, it is the official Mason exit survey for all seniors and graduating master’s and PhD students. The information that you provide is important and allows Mason to make program and campus improvements based on student feedback.