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Survey results can be generated at the university level, college/school level, and program level. Most results can be filtered by gender, ethnicity, age, gpa, and domicile. To protect student anonymity, survey results with less than three respondents will not be accessible.

Searchable Online Results

Published Reports

The following reports on the careers of Mason graduates are based on data from the Career Plans Survey  and the Recent Alumni Survey. Annual results from the Career Plans Survey are available online. Using survey results from multiple years, the 2014 report examines trends in Mason graduates’ employment status and further education plans.

Year of Publication Reports
2015 Career Outcomes of Mason Graduates – 2014 Career Plans Survey
2014 Careers of Mason Graduates: Results from the 2010-2013 Career Plans Survey and the 2010-2013 One-Year-Out Survey
2011 Careers of Mason Graduates: Results from the 2007-2010 Career Plans Surveys and the 2010 One Year Out Survey