Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Other Reports

Eye on Assessment (newsletter)

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (OIEP) has published Eye on Assessment newsletters since 1996. These newsletters provide updates on assessment reporting cycles, adoption of or change in online assessment reporting tools, schedule for assessment workshops, and availability of survey reports on the OIEP website.

Year of Publication Reports
2015 Spring 2015 – NSSE is at Mason this Spring and Annual Assessment Reporting
2014 Spring 2014 – Final Semester of the 3-Year Assessment Reporting Cycle
2013 Fall 2013 – Assessment Activities in 2013-14
2011 Vol. 6 Issue 1 – Changes to Assessment Reporting at Mason
2010 Vol. 5 Issue 1 – Using Weaveonline
2009 Vol. 4 Issue 2 – Learning Outcomes for General Education at Mason
Vol. 4 Issue 1 – General Education Assessment at Mason
2008 Vol. 3 Issue 2 – Using Data for Academic Program Review and Assessment
Vol. 3 Issue 1 – What is WEAVEonline® (and why do we need to use it)?
2007 Vol. 2 Issue 2 – 7 Great Features of our Survey Results Website
Vol. 2 Issue 1 – Preview to SACS Requirements, Data on Student Engagement, and More
2006 Vol. 1 Issue 1 – Who we are, why visit our website and how we can help you


In Focus Reports

In Focus reports have been published since 1996 using data from various sources.  In Focus reports that are tied to a particular survey are listed in the report section for that survey. Below are In Focus reports that are not based on survey data.

Year of Publication Reports
2010 General Education Assessment Report in Arts, Literature and Western Civilization: 2009
Written Communication Assessment Update: 2007-2010
2009 Report on Employment of Residential Sophomores: 2009
2007 Report on Competence in Six Areas at Mason From the First Cycle: 2002-2006
Prior to 2006 Archived Reports


New Century College Reports

Since 1996, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning has published reports for New Century College using data from various sources.  Some of these reports are listed under NSSE or CIRP reports; others are stand-alone reports published before 2006. To access these archived stand-alone reports for New Century College, visit our Archived Reports page.