Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Law Student Exit Survey

The Survey of Law School Students is administered to graduating law students. The survey collects data about student background characteristics, in addition to four areas related to the law school experience: (a) law program evaluation, (b) enriching educational experiences, (c) student satisfaction, and (e) employment upon graduation.

Online Survey Results

Survey results can be generated at the university level, college/school level, and program level. Most results can be filtered by gender, ethnicity, age, gpa, and domicile. To protect student anonymity, survey results with less than three respondents will not be accessible.

Searchable Survey Results

Published Reports

The Law Student Exit Survey reports contain trend analyses of the survey data. All Law School students are required to take the survey online during the semester prior to their graduation. Visit our Survey Instrument page to learn more about the Law Student Exit Survey.

Year of Publication Reports
2016 Law-Student-Exit-Survey-Trend-Report-2014-and-2015
2014 Law Student Exit Survey Trend Report: 2011-2013
2011 Law Student Exit Survey Trend Report: 2007-2010 (In Focus)
2008 Law Student Exit Survey: 2007-2008 (In Focus)
2007 Law Student Exit Survey: 2005-2006 (In Focus)
2006 Graduate Student (and Law Student) Exit Survey Trend Report: 2004-2005 (In Focus)